“Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes.”
                                                                                                                    – George Santayana

Welcome to Blassic Movie Reviews! 

That is one widely known and easily misattributed quote up there, especially considering the context. But it is the core tenet of this blog. Blassic Movie Reviews was created to review classic Hollywood movies from a Black point of view.

menonfilmSo essentially this.

In addition, I want to connect a core theme related to each movie reviewed to our current cultural climate. There truly is nothing new under the sun and it is so interesting to look at star personas, movie themes, and the press from the past century and see how they mirror issues we see today.

Who (the f***) are you?

Oh you’ll meet my raggedy behind very soon.

So why classic movies?

I fell in love with classic movies after falling into a Wikipedia hole for AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Stars. While reading Barbara Stanwyck’s article, the summary of the movie, Babyface, really piqued my interest.

This sexually-charged Pre-Code Hollywood film is about an attractive young woman who uses sex to advance her social and financial status.”

noseyWhat’s that you say?

After watching a heavily edited version on YouTube, I signed up for Netflix to see the full movie for myself. From there, recommended movies started to pop up and it became a love affair.

Watching the movies was fun in itself, but after discovering Anne Helen Petersen’s  “Scandals of Classic Hollywood” posts on The Hairpin, things really took off for me. She was able to connect so much what happened to current day phenomena. I’ve read and re-read both of her books and blog posts so many times, it is not even funny.

What’s your goal?

cokeC’mon harmonious race relations!

Really, I want to build a community of cinephiles. I’ve gotten so many hours of entertainment and so much insight into the world from this hobby. When I looked online for Black reviewers with the same interest, I didn’t see a space. So why not create it?

I want to know your thoughts, I want you all to see the movies, and I want to have a great time!


So introduce yourself (bonus points if you use the Shabooya Roll Call song) and let’s get this started!


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